Microsoft Office 365 & Sharepoint - St Wilfrids Catholic High School and Sixth Form College

Microsoft Office 365 & Sharepoint

Microsoft Office 365 & Sharepoint

Student email is available using Microsoft Office 365.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is Microsoft’s Office, email, document storage and collaboration products made available with a school account.  Students will be able to access these products from their web browser, on their PC and mobile devices. Some of the key features included with the school account in Office 365 are outlined below.

Email, Calendar and Contacts

Students will have web browser access to school email, calendar and contacts. They will have 50GBytes of mailbox storage.

OneDrive and Mobile Apps

  • Students will have access to OneDrive. This will provide students with 1 Terabyte of storage for your documents.
  • Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint web apps for Surface, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android and more…
  • Functionality to share documents for collaboration with others.
  • There will also be the functionality for students to install Microsoft Office on to their home computer.


When will Students be provided with their Office 365 account?

Students will receive their email addresses once the extended Acceptable Use of ICT Policy has been agreed.  Student Office 365 school email addresses will follow the following convention:

Students will login with their school email and password here:

This is used to log onto SharePoint at home.

What is OneDrive for Business?

OneDrive is a personal cloud storage area. It is a great solution to replace transporting files on USB sticks, students have 1TB of storage and it’s all automatically backed up and checked for viruses.

Get Ready!

You can learn more about Office 365 and some of the features at Microsoft’s learning Centre