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St Richard Gwyn

St Richard Gwyn (1537-1584)

Born in the county of Montgomeryshire in Wales. He studied at Oxford, Cambridge and Douai Universities before returning to Wales to be a teacher. Richard was married and had 6 children. He lived during the time of the Reformation. He had to move house and school various times in order to hide from the authorities. He was arrested, captured and fined a number of times, but eventually, in 1583 he was charged with committing high treason along with two other Catholics. After questioning, Gwyn was found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging, drawing and quartering. Richard Gwyn was the first Catholic martyr in Wales. He left a legacy of determination behind and the courage to stand up for his beliefs. He is also the patron Saint of teachers because of his dedication to teaching children despite the dangerous circumstances that he lived in.