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Transport & Bus Routes

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Bus Destination and Departure Times to and from St Wilfrid’s.

If you have any complaints relating to a particular service please contact the relevant company.  The school can not take responsibility for lateness or unreliable services.  If you have a complaint relating to behaviour on any of the buses provided, please contact school who will direct you to the behaviour team.  

  • Globe – 01226 299900
  • Ross – 01977 791738
  • TJ’s 01924 763033

2023-2024 Bus List

Please follow the link to download the new bus pass application form for September 2023/24 APPLICATION FORM 2023-2024 FINAL

Study Bus – Service

This after school service is available on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s. The two buses provided are for students staying behind after school for extended study or sports fixtures etc…

Bus 1:
Leaves school at 4.20pm stopping at:

Pontefract Bus Station
South Elmsall

Bus 2:
Leaves school at 4.20pm stopping at:

Castleford Bus Station

Please be aware that during parents’ evenings and other late night events when the bus bay is congested the study bus will stand at the bus stop adjacent to the Bradley Arms, (opposite school) we always put the safety of our students first.