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Thank you for your interest in our school.  St Wilfrid’s has gained a reputation over its 50+ years for high academic standards and good results achieved within a supportive and caring Catholic community. St.Wilfrid’s is a highly successful vibrant school and sixth form college. 


Year 6

The Local Authority Common Preference Form should be completed and the St Wilfrid’s Supplementary Information Form which is available via this link: Supplementary Information Form 22-23

In Year Applications

Applications for a place at St Wilfrid’s for students already at another secondary school can be made by completing:

Both forms must be completed and submitted before an application can be processed.

The St Wilfrid’s Supplementary Information Form and prospectus can be obtained from the school or can be downloaded from the link above. When complete the St Wilfrid’s Supplementary Information Form should be returned to the school with any other documents such as evidence of baptism for Catholic children. The Local Authority School Admissions Service will forward your Common Preference Form to St Wilfrid’s.

If a place is available in the year group applied for, a place will be offered. If the school year group is full (280) then no place will be offered.

Parents and carers have the right of appeal should they not be given a place.

Admissions Policy for Admission 2022/2023

7-11 Admission Policy 2022-23

Catchment Area Map

Admission Policies Previous Years

7 – 11 Admission Policy 2019/2020

7 – 11 Admissions Policy 2021/2022

 The Communication and Interaction Resource

The Communication and Interaction Resource has been established in order to create a nurturing environment and a supportive space, based on the nurture principles, for children with Language and Communication needs:
• Children’s learning is understood developmentally
• The environment offers a safe base
• Nurturing the development of wellbeing
• Language being a means for communication
• All behaviour is communication
• Valuing the importance of transition

The Communication and Interaction Resource is a full time provision that aims to re-engage and develop students academically and socially emotionally by the end of key stage 4.If you require any additional information or advice please get in touch and ask to speak to:

Mrs J Collins – Communications and Interaction Resource Coordinator
Telephone: 01977 691000 ext. 137

Admission to the Communication and Interaction Resource must be identified via the EHC panel and in consultation with the relevant Team Manager in SENSS and the school.
For further information please refer to Wakefield LA website.