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Information for Parents to support Students preparing for Exams

Information for Parents to support Students preparing for Exams

PiXL Endurance is a strategy designed to help students develop exam-related stamina and resilience in the period before they take their exams. Research shows that many students face mental health issues and struggle to deal with pressure, expectations and feeling overwhelmed. Students will be sitting exams for a longer period which will be harder. Students need to understand how to look after themselves both physically and mentally by developing healthy habits, so they are in the best possible state to perform.

What can you do as parents/carers?

  • Support your child to develop mental stamina to succeed. Encourage your child to use the PiXL Independence and Knowledge resources to help them prepare for and revisit learning. Watch the PiXL videos from athletes (on the pdf documents below) with your child to help inspire them to develop resilience and stamina.
  • Read through the ‘Prepare to Perform’ parents’ presentation to understand how you can help your child to perform. Encourage and support your child to keep active, eat healthily, get enough sleep, unplug from technology, stay focused, set goals, believe in themselves and to relax. Be a role model to your child by leading a healthy active lifestyle yourself. Encourage your child to use the Prepare to Perform student booklet to help them prepare for exams.
  • The more physically fit we are, the better the brain can function. Encourage your child to exercise regularly and to eat healthy meals and snacks. Watch the Power to Perform videos with your child, which provide short exercise workouts and recipes to try out from industry experts. Encourage your child to have a ‘digital detox’ and to get up and do something active instead.
  • Purchase revision guides to support the learning of knowledge and skills in good time for the forthcoming exams (details will appear here soon)

The presentation at the parents’ information evening is the first document below (Prepare to Perform Parents doc). All other documents were presented to the students in September. Please go through these again with your child. If you would like to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact Mr Tracey, Mr Larrington or Mr Aitchison.

Prepare to Perform – Parents

How Ready are you to Perform

We Can all Grow


Physical Activity


Rest and Recover


Mental Energy

Stress Management and Staying Calm

Revision Guides