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Sims Parent App

The Parent App

Existing users wishing to log on to the Parent App

Existing account holders wishing to logon using the webpage version please click here to be redirected to the Parent App login page.

The Parent App

The Parent App allows us to easily communicate with you. We will share information relating to attendance, achievement and behaviour, details about home learning and school reports using the Parent App.
Parents with more than one child attending our school can access information on all children from the app. The app is easy to use and accessible from a smart phone, tablet or PC.

To read the Privacy Statement please click here.

Registering for SIMS Parent App

All parents will have agreed to the user agreement via your application form you completed online, once your child starts with us you will receive an email from Parent App with an activation code to set up your account. For a guide on how to setup the Parent App, please click here. Usernames and passwords are not issued as parents can use their existing Facebook, Twitter, Google or Microsoft Account credentials.

For any help regarding the Parent App

Please email . Please ensure to leave your full name, your child’s full name and their tutor group. This will help us get back to you as quickly as possible.

Creating a Google Account

Please click here for instructions on how to set up a Google Account.

Creating a Microsoft Account

Please click here for instructions on how to set up a Microsoft Account.