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Year 11 Exam Information and Guidance

Year 11 Support Information

There are very few more challenging years in a Childs education than that of their final GCSE examinations. To Ensure that students have the vey best opportunities to reach their potential it is vital that there is triangulated support between parents, students and school. Below you will find a series of resource materials that can be accessed to further support your child in their journey through the last year of Key Stage 4 education.

1. Presentation – How to Support Your Child At Home

  • How to create a positive learning environment at home.
  • Details of four research informed retrieval (revision) methods that students can use to support their learning. We will be talking to students about these methods within their tutor groups throughout the academic year.
  • A video link to evidence-based research on how to support your child with effective study strategies and habits at home (Kate Jones – Senior Associate for Teaching & Learning at Evidence Based Education

Further documents are also provided, including:

2. Key dates to note throughout the academic year.

3. A sample revision timetable template.

4. Collated list of subject specific revision guides

5. Specific core subject academic support.

How to Support your Child with Studies at Home

Year 11 - Key dates

Sample Revision Timetable

Revision Guides list

Core Subject Revision Approach - Science

Core Subject Revision Approach - English

Core Subject Revision - RE

Core Subject revision - Maths