Key Stage 3 - St Wilfrids Catholic High School and Sixth Form College

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3

On entry to the school pupils are placed in one of ten mixed ability forms. The pupils are organised into 10 teaching groups, set in ability for English and for Mathematics.   In Years 7 and 8 pupils follow a broad curriculum which gives a wide range of experiences. The curriculum is delivered over a 2-week cycle in 50 one hour lessons.

In Years 7 and 8 the majority of pupils study a Modern Foreign Language – French or Spanish. Those pupils who do not study a Modern Foreign language have personalised support lessons to support them in accessing the curriculum to make progress.

Year 7 – Programme of Learning/Autumn Term

Year 8 – Programme of Learning/Autumn Term

Year 7 – Programme of Learning / Spring Term

Year 8 – Programme of Learning / Spring Term

Key Stage 3 Assessment

Assessment without Levels

In September 2014 a new system was introduced to assess student progress and attainment at key stage 3 without levels.  The system introduced at St Wilfrid’s is based on the principle of milestones.
Each curriculum area has divided the National Curriculum programme of study for Key Stage 3 into 12 ‘blocks’ of learning, referred to as milestones.

The ‘blocks’ of learning over the 2 years will support the students in developing their knowledge, skills and understanding in that subject area.  Where the same concepts, knowledge and skills are being developed over the two years the content of the milestones will be more challenging.  The content of the milestones will prepare students to start their Key Stage 4 course in the subject.

Student progress and attainment in Key Stage 3 is assessed six times a year in Year 7 and Year 8.
The Key Stage 3 milestone assessments take into account evidence from a range of informal and formative assessments.  It can include assessments from end-of-unit tests, research projects; homework; oral work.

In order to record the assessment of the standard that the student has reached in the milestone the following is used:

  • Excelling: the student is excelling in the knowledge, understanding and development of the skills well beyond the standard expected
  • Mastering: the student is mastering the expected knowledge, understanding and skills
  • Exceeding: the student is exceeding the standard expected for knowledge, understanding and skills
  • Deep: the student is developing a deep knowledge and understanding and the skills expected
  • Advancing: the student is advancing in the expected standard of knowledge, understanding and skills
  • Emerging: the student is emerging in the basic standard of knowledge, understanding and skills expected
  • Approaching: the student is approaching the expected standard of knowledge, understanding and skills

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For further details of the content of the Milestones for each subject please refer to the Milestone Booklets