Exams 2023/24 - St Wilfrids Catholic High School and Sixth Form College

Exams 2023/24

Results Information 2023/24


The Department for Education has announced, GCSE and A level exams will go ahead as normal in Summer 2024 between May 9th and June 26th, there are contingency afternoons on June 6th and June 13th, with a contingency day on June 26th.


All students must be available up to and including June 26th.


Results days have been confirmed as:

 A Level results – 15th August 2024

GCSE results – 22nd August 2024

March Mocks Timetable 2024

Summer 24 Final


  1.     Information for Candidates – 1 – JCQ Written Examinations
  2.     Information for Candidates – 2 – JCQ On-screen examinations
  3.     Information for Candidates – 3 – Non-exam Assessments
  4.     Information for candidates –  4 – JCQ Information for Candidates
  5.     Information for Candidates – 5 – Social Media
  6.     Information for Candidates – 7 – Warning-to-Candidates
  7.     Information for Candidates – 8 – Preparing to sit exams


St Wilfrid’s Internal Appeals Procedure 2023 – 2024 – 9 – St. Wilfrid’s Internal Appeals Procedure policy 

 St Wilfrid’s Candidate Information Exam Procedures – 10 – CANDIDATE EXAMINATION INFO PACK

Policy Severe Weather Arrangements for Public Examinations

  • Public Examinations will still run even if the School is closed owing to severe weather (within the limits of Health and Safety Regulations)
  • Announcements on the school website and local radio will be specific about the candidates scheduled to sit external public exams: (For example – St Wilfrid’s High School is closed owing to bad weather today, but students taking public examinations should make their way to school as normal. Examinations will start as close as possible to the published start times and candidates should report to the exam room on arrival.)