St Wilfrid's Coat of Arms - St Wilfrids Catholic High School and Sixth Form College

St Wilfrid’s Coat of Arms

The ecclesiastical coat of arms of St.Wilfrid

The Motto at the bottom of the coat of arms says: ‘Fidem servavi’ which means ‘keep the Faith’. It originates from St Paul’s second letter to Timothy (2 Tim 4:7), ‘I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.’ This is a reminder to us that, like St Wilfrid, we must keep, continue or maintain the faith that we profess as Christians.

The Processional Cross: this is displayed above the shield. It is a two-barred cross or ‘Patriarchal Cross’.

The Galero: this is the broad-trimmed hat at the top of the coat of arms. It signifies that St Wilfrid was a bishop of the Church.

The tassels: The Heraldic rules governing ecclesiastical headwear specify that an Archbishop has twenty tassels. Here we see twenty tassels coming down from the Galero. Wilfrid was an Archbishop, the Primate of Northumbria.

The Shield: St Wilfrid’s shield has a blue background, consistent with Heraldic rules. It contains three wavy golden stars or ‘estoiles’ (its proper term). The three estoiles symbolises honour, achievement and hope. It also symbolizes celestial goodness and one who is noble. Stars with wavy points are emblems of God’s goodness.