Chaplaincy Groups - St Wilfrids Catholic High School and Sixth Form College

Chaplaincy Groups

Student Chaplaincy Leaders

The Student Chaplaincy group meets on a Monday at form time. We support and plan the Masses, Services and Liturgies that happen during the school year. We also lead Light Fever once every half term. 

Youth SVP

Youth SVP is an invitation for our young people to join our Vincentian family. Worldwide our mission is to tackle poverty in all its forms by providing practical assistance to people in need. In our local community we are supporting the Clothing Bank a local charity that supports families with clothing including coats and shoes. We also support our most vulnerable families in school with food vouchers and hampers at Christmas and for the summer holidays.

The St Vincent de Paul Society was founded thanks to a young student who walked through the poorest streets of his community on his way to university lectures each day. The poverty he came across inspired him to be the change and make a difference to those around him in need. Today the SVP works in communities around the world to continue this legacy.

With a formula of ‘See, Think, Do’ we meet every Monday break in Chaplaincy.


Sycamore is an introduction to the Christian faith. Practicing Catholics, distant Catholics, Christians of other denominations and staff and students of no faith can participate in this course.

What is it?
An introductory course to the Christian faith.

Who is it for?
The course will particularly benefit those ‘new to’ or ‘interested in’ the Christian faith.

Who can come?
Please feel free to invite any of your friends from school or college. We always have fun at St Wilfrid’s Sycamore, and your friends will find the course enjoyable, interesting and relevant for their lives.

If I come to one am I expected to attend them all?
No. Come to as many or as few as you’d like. As with most things in life though, the more you put in the more you will get out. If you miss a couple of sessions, don’t worry, come along to the next session and we’ll fill in the gaps for you. If you have a friend that can only start coming along on say 1st April, or even just wants to attend one session as a one-off on say 27th May, that is fine too.

Where are the Sycamore sessions and what are they about?
They will take place in Chaplaincy.
We meet regularly after school on a Wednesday; come to chaplaincy for a letter with more information.

Faith in Action

The Faith in Action Award encourages young people through recognising, rewarding and celebrating their active faith lived out through service and reflection. The Award helps them connect their life and faith in a tangible manner.

In journeying through the Award, young people should experience a deepening of their relationship with God and find themselves exploring that relationship. It is hoped that through their relationship and action, others will see God’s love through them. Packs are available from Chaplaincy and we have drop in session every Tuesday break.


Positive Identities

The Bible teaches us that we are all made in God’s image. While we are all unique individuals with different strengths, like and dislikes, opinions and thoughts, we are all equal.

Today in the twenty-first century, we are lucky to be living in a more tolerant, inclusive society than there was fifty or sixty years ago. People are free to express themselves and celebrate their identity and individuality without fear of persecution or judgement. This is something that we want to celebrate here at St Wilfrid’s.

“We should never identify people by their sexual orientation. Every person is endowed with unique dignity, both as an individual and as a Christian. This dignity is always, always to be respected. Secondly, it is the teaching of the Church that they are not only to be respected but also always accepted, with compassion.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 2358)

Light Fever

Led by the student chaplaincy leadership group. Light Fever will take place once every half term at breaktime. A time of adoration, prayer and meditation with the blessed sacrament.  Look out for the announcement and posters in the Chaplaincy.