World Book Day Results - St Wilfrids Catholic High School and Sixth Form College

World Book Day Results

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Post Date: 6th March 2020

World Book Day Results

World Book Day

Thank all the students and staff who took part in the World Book Day Potato challenge.

The 6 winners of the students potatoes were:

1st – Anna Gilroy (Mr Bump)

2nd – Lauren Frost (The Gruffalo)

3rd – Fiona Milligan (How to Train Your Dragon)

4th – Grace Newton (A Unicorn)

5th – Anna Gilroy (Mr Tickle)

6th – Ruby Hannah Grace (Harry Potter).

The staff winners were:

1st – Hannah Baker (Winnie the Pooh)

2nd – Jackie Eyre (Macbeth)

3rd – Yvonne Reeds (The 3 Witches from Macbeth).

Keith Worrell did the judging with help from the Headteacher and Mr Larrington and they were very impressed with all the entries.

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