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Staying safe online:

The Internet is a massive and fantastic resource for lots of things…education, general information, entertainment, shopping, news, social networking and gaming to name a few, but, just as with anything else there are a few things that you need to be aware of that can affect you online and you need to know that just as in normal life, it is important to conduct yourself properly and that there are some things that you should steer clear of.  You also need to know what to do if you have any problems or in case anything happens that you feel uneasy about.



A useful e-Safety resource is the CEOP website ThinkUKnow.

Here is the link: https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/11_16/

Here you can:

Educate yourself regarding issues around the use of your Internet enabled devices.  Get hints and tips about how to use your Computer, Smartphone, Gaming Consoles, Tablets and what things to look out for that mean trouble.

You can also find out what to do if you are not happy about anything that has happened to you.  However, you should also consider talking to your parents or to Mrs Gilroy or Mrs James in school.

Find out how to conduct yourself in a positive way on the Internet.

Find out how not to leave a bad digital footprint and leave a negative impression of yourself all over the internet for everyone to see later.  Not caring about what you text or anything you say or share online, particularly pictures and video, can easily come back to go against you later in life.  Many potential employers will try to search your online history and try to form an impression of what you are like as a person.



You must realise that there are consequences to almost everything you do online.  Everything you say and do is traceable for a long time, therefore you absolutely must respect and treat others with the same respect and treatment you would expect them to give you.  Pretend you are face to face with people even if you are not and do not disrespect one person to someone else and expect them not to find out about it.  It all usually ends in tears or a big fall out.  You must take a much more mature and sensible approach to communicating online and always think twice or three times before pressing “Send” and especially before uploading and sharing any picture of yourself or anyone else.

Always bear in mind that people who you do not know and who you have never seen can easily pretend not to be themselves online.  In chat rooms and during online games lots of people pretend that they are someone else.  The majority of people online are probably harmless, but this disguises people who may have bad reasons to do that and they will pretend to be someone else to try to make friends with you.  If you are at all worried that you are in this situation, or if you feel uneasy about any issue regarding using the Internet or other social media then you must tell a responsible adult about it.  See the section above.

Take all the right precautions and enjoy your online time.  You just have to be a little cautious and be careful to act responsibly.  Educate yourself about the risks so that you can avoid them.  More e-Safety information is available on this website by looking under the ‘Parents’ tab.

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