Sixth Form

Linear Advanced-Level Qualifications

These will typically be examined at the end of the 2 year course. These are linear examinations and all of your work is assessed at the end. However, there are still some controlled assessments in subjects. All students will sit a robust internal mock assessment at the end of Year 12, to consider how well they are performing and inform progression to Year 13. These qualifications suit learners who are good at exams and will have a B-Grade profile or above at GCSE; a GCSE Average Point Score of 5.8 or above was the benchmark for 2015.

A/S and A2 Qualifications

The changes to linear qualifications are phased-in. For first teaching Phase 1 and Phase 2 subjects will be linear only. Subjects in Phase 3 are still able to be taught using A/S and A2 qualifications, as these do not change until first teaching in 2017. These subjects are Design and Technology – Product Design, Further Maths, Law, Mathematics, and Media Studies.

Vocational Qualifications

These subjects are examined by placing more emphasis on creating a portfolio of evidence. They are more ‘hands-on’ in approach and can also require work experience. It is worth remembering that there may still be some examined material in the qualification and individual subjects can provide information on this. The minimum entry requirements for L3 study is 5 A*-C.

Combined Study

Some students are able to combine programmes to include some Advanced Level study and some Vocational. To do this, a student would typically have a B in the subjects they would study at Advanced Level. Careful consideration will need to be given to the mix of subjects and suitability of the programme for the student. Minimum entry requirements for the Advanced Level subjects will still need to be met.

  • If you do not pass English and Maths at GCSE, it is a requirement that you continue to study them as part of your 6th form programme of studies. This will take one study option on you timetable.”

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