Thank you for your interest in our school.  St Wilfrid’s has gained a reputation over its 50 years for high academic standards and good results achieved within a supportive and caring Catholic community. St. Wilfrid’s is a highly successful vibrant school and sixth form college.  In 2018, 66% of our students achieved a grade 4 or above in both English and Mathematics.  Our A Level students achieved an average point score per entry of 30.83.  Many of our students performed exceptionally well and have now accepted offers of employment or university, heading to various destinations to start their new areas of study. Our school continues to be good.

Applications are now closed

The Local Authority School Admissions Team will send a copy of your application to school. St Wilfrid’s Academy Councillors will assess both admission forms against the school admissions and over-subscription criteria.  280 places are offered by the local authority in March 2019.

Parents and carers have the right of appeal should they not be given a place for September 2019.

Parents and carers also have the right to be placed on the school waiting list. Should a place become available school will offer the place to a student on the waiting list in accordance with the school’s admission policy and over-subscription criteria.

For advice on appeals or school waiting lists please contact The Local Authority Schools Admissions Service on 01924 305617/ 305616.

Admission Appeal Timetable

Refusals & Waiting Lists

In Year Applications

Applications for a place at St Wilfrid’s for students already at another secondary school can be made by completing:

  • The Local Authority Common Preference Form or online application
  • The St Wilfrid’s Supplementary Information Form

Both forms must be completed and submitted before an application can be processed.

The St Wilfrid’s Supplementary Information Form and prospectus can be obtained from the school or can be downloaded from the link below. When complete the St Wilfrid’s Supplementary Information Form should be returned to the school with any other documents such as evidence of baptism for Catholic children. The Local Authority School Admissions Service will forward your Common Preference Form to St Wilfrid’s.

If a place is available in the year group applied for, a place will be offered. If the school year group is full (280) then no place will be offered.

Parents and carers have the right of appeal should they not be given a place.

Admission Policies

7 – 11 Admission Policy 19-20

Supplementary Information Form

Supplementary Information Form 2019/20

 *** Consultation on changes to the proposed admissions arrangements for 2020/2021 *** 

Consultation with regard to a proposed change to the Admission Policy for St Wilfrid’s Catholic High School for the academic year 2020/2021.

Please follow the links below to view:

  1. Draft Proposed Admission Policy 20-21
  2. Document which identifies Eastern Orthodox Church
  3. Document reflecting the proposed changes within the Supplementary Information Form for admission to a Voluntary Aided Catholic School.

The Catholic Education Service (CES) has worked with the Office of Schools Adjudicator (OSA) in order to produce a model policy and oversubscription criteria that meets the requirements of the schools admission code (1)

The main proposed change is the introduction of a new oversubscription criteria ‘members of an Eastern Christian Church’ as requested by the Bishops Conference of England and Wales (2)

A further change has been made to category 1 in the oversubscription criteria. You will note that all Catholic looked after children are included in one category.

The Office of School Adjudicator (OSA) have also requested that the admission arrangements for sixth form are clear. The proposed policy reflects the OSA guidance.

  • The proposed changes require consultation.
  • The consultation period is six weeks.
  • The consultation period will commence on Monday 12th November 2018.

During the consultation period all feedback correspondence should be sent to the following contact address:

At the close of the consultation period, the Academy Admissions Committee will meet to consider all correspondence received during the consultation.

The determined policy will be placed on the school website by 28th February 2019.

Thank you for your time and due consideration of this consultation process.

Yours sincerely

Helen Gilroy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Headteacher