School Uniform Policy  Click here


Uniform can be purchased directly from the school or from any one of our three official providers:

  • Better and Bright  – Pontefract & Castleford Market Halls
  • Jags –  Main Street, Normanton
  • Signature – Ropergate, Pontefract

The official uniform providers above have purchased a licence to sell blazers containing our school logo.  Our agreements with our official uniform providers aim to ensure good quality garments, reasonable pricing and ethical procurement. We do not receive commission from our official providers. Other garment providers may apply to become official providers.

If you require an official school skirt the student will need to be measured by us for the correct length to be worn.  You can only purchase the skirt from school.  PE kit is also only available from the school. To view a price list click here.


If you would like to be considered as an official uniform provider for St Wilfrid’s, please contact the school for further information. Our school logo is registered with the Intellectual Property Office and therefore unique to us.  A retailer using our logo without our permission is infringing our registered trade mark.

We will expect any potential providers to submit sample garments for approval. We expect our providers to maintain the quality of our school uniform and to operate ethical procurement policies and procedures.

We require all our approved providers to enter into a licence agreement with us in relation to the use of our trademarked school logo. We require providers to pay a small fee under such agreements for the use of our school logo. We do not receive any commission from our providers.

We reserve the right to refuse to enter into an agreement with any retailer if we do not believe that appropriate standards are being met.”