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For PE kit, school skirts and equipment please visit the ‘School Shop’ via the link on the right of this page.   Any items purchased can be collected from the school shop by students.

Alternatively, please view the Trutex official school uniform brochure below. You will need to register when you log on to the site using the code: LEA01010SC as seen on the front cover.  Follow the link on page 3

St Wilfrids Catholic High School - Trutex Direct Brochure



Letter from the Chair of the Academy Council – 26th June 2019

Dear Parent/Carer

As an Academy Council, we are very proud of St Wilfrid’s and our students.  As a school we have high standards and expectations in every respect. A uniform is designed to ensure that all students are consistently professional in their approach to school life.

Last year the Academy Council introduced a branded school skirt.  The success of the branded skirt, led the council to introduce a full branded uniform for September 2019 in order that the high standards of uniform that we set are met. The Academy Council discussed at great length the proposal of branded trousers along with the correspondence received from parents and confirmed that the school will adopt a full branded uniform.

The Academy Council have met on a regular basis and have reviewed the correspondence received by parents. The Academy Council have confirmed that the whole school community will fully adopt a full branded uniform by September 2020.

The expectation for September 2019, is that all Year 7 students wear the full branded uniform and that the remainder of the school body will adopt the full branded uniform by September 2020.

The Academy Council insist that in September 2019, students in Year 8 and above must wear black school tailored trousers. The trousers, should be full length to the shoe. Trousers which are skinny fit, leggings, jeggings or of denim material are not permissible. Cropped trousers displaying the ankle and hipster trousers are not permissible. Official school trousers can be purchased from Trutex direct at a discounted price or via our local official school outlets.

The Academy Council recommend that if families are uncertain about the suitability of the school trouser that has been purchased they should leave the shop labels on the garment, contact school for a member of the Pastoral team to check and confirm the suitability of the garment, so that if an exchange at a retailer is required families are able to do so with ease.

The Academy Council would like to take this opportunity to remind families that as of September 2019, all students, except students in Year 11 are expected to wear a blue shirt.  Students in Year 11 are expected to wear a white shirt.

The Academy Council would like to thank parents for their considered communication and support in improving the professional standards and expectations of the school.

Once the full adoption of the branded uniform is embedded from 2020, the Council, do not see any reason to change the uniform in the future and hope that together we can ensure that the high standards we set are maintained.

Thank you for your continued support

Yours sincerely

Mr Robin Slavin – Chair of the Academy Council


Revised Uniform Policy  – School Uniform Policy