Guided Pathways

Year 8 Guided Pathways

The Pathways Evening for students in year 8 has been rescheduled for 4.00pm – 6:30pm on Thursday 15thMarch.  A presentation will take place in the sports hall at 5:45pm.

The 2018 Guided Pathways Booklet can be accessed here: Guided Pathways Booklet

The online system for entering subject preferences for Sept 2018 is now open.  Please contact the Director of Year 8: Mr R Tracey to discuss subject preferences.


Subject Preferences should be completed by 12:30pm 26th March 2018.   Preferences should be entered using the SIMS Options website.

From the beginning of Year 9, students follow a programme of courses leading to GCSE and technical qualifications. Some courses form part of the core curriculum and students will be guided to follow other additional subjects.

The Core (Compulsory) Subjects

Religious Education.

All students complete GCSE religious education in Year 11.

English Language & English Literature.

All students complete GCSE English language and GCSE literature in Year 11.

Mathematics All students complete GCSE mathematics in year 11.

Science All students complete GCSE combined science trilogy, this course includes biology, chemistry and physics (previously dual award science).

Please click here to view information on how to access SIMS Options.


Core Non-Examined Subjects

All students complete courses in Core PE and PSHCE.  These courses are not accredited.

Guided Pathways In order to ensure that a balanced curriculum is followed, students are encouraged to consider studying subjects in four curriculum areas: Modern Foreign Languages, Humanities, Art/Performance/Creative subjects, Technology/Sciences.

All Students will be required to express a preference to study at least one of: French; Spanish; Geography; History; Computer Science or Triple Science.

Students should be aware of the English Baccalaureate suite of subjects which are: English, maths, science, a modern foreign language and either geography or history.  Students studying a modern foreign language will be advised to consider following this EBacc suite of subjects.

Modern Foreign Languages The majority of students will be guided to continue to study GCSE French and/or Spanish.  Teachers of these subjects and the Head of Year will provide this guidance.

Humanities Students are able to study GCSE geography and/or history. The small number not studying a modern language are offered guidance to study geography, history, Computer Science or Triple Science.

Selecting one subject from each curriculum area gives a broad and balanced curriculum, however, some students may wish to specialise in an area of particular strength by studying more than one subject from an area or a second modern foreign language or humanities.


Arts/Performance/Creative Subjects

  • Art
  • Art Graphics
  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Media
  • Music
  • PE
  • Performing Arts

Technology/Science Subjects

  • Business Studies
  • Computing
  • Food Preparation and Nutrition
  • Health and Social Care and Child Development
  • ICT
  • Technology
  • Triple Science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Students will also be asked to identify three reserve subjects as although we make every effort to run courses it will depend on the number of students in the group and the resources available. There may also be certain combinations of subjects that we are unable to accommodate.