Our School Chapel - St Wilfrids Catholic High School and Sixth Form College

Our School Chapel

The Chapel is located near to our Reception area in school. It is a beautiful chapel, recently dedicated to St Wilfrid on 6th October 2010 by Bishop Arthur Roche of the Leeds Diocese. The Chapel is open each day and all are most welcome to use it for quiet prayer and reflection.

Mass is celebrated each Friday morning at 8.15 am for staff, students and parishioners.


This ornate table is where the sacrifice of the Mass is offered to God. It is the centre of importance in the place where the Mass is celebrated at least once a week in School. This Altar, alongside the Lectern and Celebrant’s Chair were donated to St Wilfrid’s after St Joseph’s Church in Crofton was deconsecrated and closed down.

Bread and Wine

The elements used in the celebration of Eucharist (unleavened bread and natural pure wine). NOTE: After the Eucharistic Prayer the bread and wine is referred to as: “the consecrated bread and wine” or “the Body and Blood of Christ.” Catholics do not believe that the bread and wine are mere symbols; they believe the bread and wine actually become the Body and Blood of Christ.

Celebrant’s Chair

The place where the celebrant sits during the Liturgy. It expresses his office of presiding over the assembly and of leading the prayer of those present.


The cup used to hold the wine that is consecrated to become the Blood of Christ.


A vessel used to hold the consecrated bread for the distribution of the Body of Christ during communion.


The place from which the Scriptures (the Word of God) are proclaimed.


The book that contains all of the readings from the Scriptures that are used in the celebration of the liturgy.


The book used by the celebrant, containing all the prayers for the liturgy of the Mass.

Stations of the Cross

These are stages depicting the final journey Jesus made leading to his death on the cross and his burial. Our 14 Stations of the Cross were donated to St Wilfrid’s by the former parishioners of St Joseph’s, Crofton.

Statue of St Joseph

This statue reminds students of St Wilfrid’s that many of our local Catholic Parishes bear the patronage of St Joseph, the patron saint of workers.


Place in the Church where the Eucharist (the Most Blessed Sacrament) is stored.