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Careers News & Events

Wakefield College Taster Day 2018

On Friday 16th March we took several year 10 students to Wakefield College’s 3 Campuses to experience two college courses of their choice.  It was a very successful and rewarding day and the students were able to gain hands on experiences of courses which they may wish to consider for the future.  All students behaved impeccably and were a pleasure to spend the day with out of our school environment.  Making informed choices about colleges is something we continue to encourage and it is hoped that days such as these provide our students with the opportunity to look at the vocational route positively and are aware of the further opportunities available to them.

LINPAC, now known as Klockner Pentaplast, careers day – March 2018

We have an exciting opportunity to take some students who are interested electrical engineering to LINPAC for a careers day.  This day will allow students to have the opportunity to look at the business and experience a day in the life of an electrical engineer.  It will also an opportunity for these students to put forward an application for a possible apprenticeship.

St. Wilfrid’s Careers Fair – March 2018

For the second year running, we have hosted another successful  careers fair with hosts such as  local and national employers, colleges, universities,  training providers and voluntary organisations.  Students in year 8, 9 and 10 were able to access the careers fair during the school day and years 11, 12 and 13 were invited to attend in the evening.  The students were able to gain valuable information about opportunities available to them in the future and had the opportunity to learn about areas of employment they may not have been previously aware of.  Employers, colleges and universities fed back to us that they welcomed the opportunity to speak to our students about what they were able to offer and also said that some of the students showed maturity and communication skills above their expectations.

SACRED HEART careers aspiration day

We have just had the pleasure of working with all students at one of our feeder schools, Sacred Heart in Hemsworth, focussing on aspirations and inspirations for their future career ideas.  The students took part in careers activities and games to help them gain knowledge and develop an understanding towards a range of careers, as they were also given the opportunity to tell us all about what they would like to do when they are older.  As a careers team, we found the day very inspiring and we are looking forward to working with some of the students next September when they become St. Wilfrid’s students. We would like to extend our thanks to the staff at Sacred Heart for allowing us the time to work with their students and taking part in the activities.

NCOP (National Collaborative Outreach Programme) Maths trip

During February half term 21 dedicated maths students went on a residential to Mount Cook Adventure Centre in Derbyshire to boost their maths GCSE performances. The trip involved some intense revision sessions led by Head of Maths, Giles Clarkson, and Maths teacher, Michelle Eadie, alongside some exciting activities; such as rock climbing, archery, land kart building, abseiling and a high ropes course. Staff were extremely impressed with students’ enthusiasm and involvement, as they all attempted the famous leap of faith! This was a great confidence boost as many students conquered their fear of heights and realised their potential. It will soon be time for them to apply the same willpower to their upcoming exams!

This trip was fully funded by the National Collaborative Outreach Project who are aiming to support students on their educational journeys. NCOP are encouraging students to sign learner agreements in order to follow their progress across events such as the maths residential. Please ask your child to collect a learner agreement from Careers if you would like their progress to be monitored alongside the progress of the NCOP project. NCOP will continue to provide fun and exciting opportunities for St Wilfrid’s students in order to increase educational engagement and enthusiasm.

Cambridge University Trip (NCOP)

During the first week of term, 10 students took part in a residential trip to the University of Cambridge which was organised by the National Collaborative Outreach Programme. Students experienced some amazing opportunities during this trip, such as Cambridge university workshops, staying in the local halls of residence, experiencing broader aspects of student life and a night of bowling! The trip included a tour of Cambridge itself, where students were able to explore some of the biggest libraries in the country and also had chance to witness Professor Stephen Hawking’s own personal office! This was a great event to see students experiencing and appreciating life at university in Cambridge, also beginning to think about their own personal journeys and futures. The NCOP project will be aiming to deliver many more events like this to provide positive opportunities for students at St Wilfrid’s.

LOAF Goal Setting and Study Skills Workshops

During the penultimate weeks of the spring term, Year 9 students enjoyed a number of workshops delivered by LOAF Training. An ex-professional football referee, Gavin Scott, delivered two workshops to St Wilfrid’s students. The first session focused on goal setting with a group of selected year 9 boys, to teach strategies such as visualisation, positive thinking and general mindset tips for success. For example, the life of Muhammad Ali was used as a case study to demonstrate the power of positive thinking towards achieving your dream.

The second session was delivered to the whole year group, as Gavin covered a number of strategies to aid students with their revision and enhance their overall academic performance. This included techniques such as pinning, number words, word association and memory enhancement tools.

All students seemed to enjoy the lively nature of these sessions, as the value of the sessions were significantly acknowledged by our pupils (see the attached photo). This event was organised and funded by the National Collaborative Outreach Programme, who are aiming to provide students with the opportunities they need to grow into their dream futures. NCOP will continue to facilitate events such as the LOAF training sessions.