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Free School Meals

Free school meal voucher codes have been ordered for the period from Monday 18th January upto February half term and will increase in value to £15 per week per eligible child. You will receive an email from the government on how to redeem them. Please check your spam emails to ensure that you don’t miss out! Instructions on how to redeem can be found here: FSM-voucher-scheme and must be redeemed by 12th February.

Many families may find their circumstances changing over the next coming months, these are uncertain times. Families may now be entitled to certain benefits during these difficult times, one of which could be Free School Meals.

Please follow this link to an application-for-free-school-meals form to complete and submit to the local council.

Parents can also telephone Free School Meal Helpline: 01924305061, or email

The service will then post the form out to parents with a pre-paid envelope, for parents to complete, sign and return – this is the preferred method by Wakefield FSM Service.

Transparency notice



Candidate Result statements will be available to collect from main reception between the hours of 10.30am-12.00 Noon on Thursday 14th January.
Please provide a form of identification to enable you to collect your results.
Any uncollected result statements will be posted home.

All other GCSE RESULTS sat in the Autumn Series 2020 Thursday 11th February 2021
Candidate Result statements will be available to collect from main reception between the hours of 10.30am-12.00 Noon on Thursday 11th February.
Please provide a form of identification to enable you to collect your results.
Any uncollected result statements will be posted home.


Road Closure Week Commencing 4th January 2021

Please see details below regarding a road closure in January 2021:

Cutsyke Road will remain closed from St Wilfrid’s down to the roundabout/motorway bridge from 4th January to 24th January. Times of the closure are 7.30am to 2.45pm. School and public buses will be allowed through but no cars. Cars must follow the diversion on the map below.


**Sixth Form Virtual Open Event**

You can view our ‘Sixth Form Virtual Event’ here:

St Wilfrid’s Sixth Form FAQs

1. What are the entry requirements for the sixth form?

We offer Level 3 courses. To access Level 3 courses, you need to have a good pass at GCSE in at least five subjects. To be able to do A Levels, we would expect a strong profile of five and above across your GCSEs. Some subjects require a specific minimum grade of a six, as this foundation is necessary to access the course. These can be found in our prospectus.

2. Do I have to be Catholic to apply?

No. We welcome young people of all faiths or none. We would expect that you would be supportive of our faith and participate in our celebrations such as St Wilfrid’s Day

3. How many subjects will I study at St Wilfrid’s?

Typically, students study 3 A Levels. Some of our students complete four A Levels but this is unusual. We find that even the top universities do not want you to study four. Some students may do Health and Social Care – currently this is a single or double equivalent subject.

4. How many hours a week do I have in each subject?

We have a two- week timetable, so each subject has 8 hours over the two weeks. The 9th hour for each subject is a tutorial, where students will complete work set by the teacher under supervision – this work will typically be assessments or essays.

5. Do you offer any additional ‘bolt-on’ subjects?

All students in Year 12 will study the Progression Module. This is delivered in partnership with local universities and offers UCAS points. The module is designed to help to bridge the gap between college and university, but can also help students applying for apprenticeships. It helps break down some of the myths of university study, finance, accommodation. The programme will also help you promote yourself in the best way possible Further details can be found here: Students will also study a programme called Personal Development –The Edge. This programme will help you gain the skills you need to succeed and set you above other young people. The programme is based around the skills of Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Independence and Communication (LORIC). There are also elements of mental health and oral communication in the programme, as well as the opportunity to explore faith.

6. Is there any online learning? how have you coped with maintaining learning in the ‘lockdowns’?

We are proud of our response to the pandemic. Prior to the lockdown, staff and students had access to Microsoft Teams and this enabled us to provide online lessons. This academic year, teachers have been providing lessons to any students not in the sixth form, for whatever reason. We encourage staff to do ‘live’ lessons via Teams, whenever possible.

7. Do you have any careers advice?

We have a dedicated careers team at St Wilfrid’s. Anyone is able to book your own appointment. The team consist of a careers advisor, an independent careers specialist and our Go Higher West Yorkshire Progression Officer. We are very fortunate to have been partnered with Go Higher West Yorkshire, since the start of the programme and this has helped to explain why our progress rates are some of the best around

8. Do you have any special programmes for applications to Oxbridge or Russell Group Universities

As the sixth form is smaller in terms of size than larger FE colleges, we feel that we really get to know our students. Each student will build up a strong relationship with their form tutor and sixth form leaders to the extent that everyone’s experience is one where our young people feel valued. Beginning in September 2021, we will begin a new Sixth Form Plus experience. Students who successfully apply for this programme will have an additional tailored provision, which may include some dedicated work placements with our partners

9. I want to go to university. How will you support me through my UCAS?

We have a traditional Form Tutor system at St Wilfrid’s. These tutors are handpicked and are experienced, specialist sixth form tutors. Many of these tutors have helped students gain places at university for several years. The tutor will write your reference and help you with your personal statement. No UCAS application will be sent until it has been thoroughly checked. They will also be able to guide you on the right universities to apply to, if you are unsure.

10. As you are also a school, will I have specialist A Level tutors in sixth form?

Our teachers at A Level are all specialist sixth form tutors, where teaching A Level is a primary focus. Depending on the subject, the tutor may sometimes share their expertise in lower school. However, this does not stop them from being able to deliver a fantastic provision at A Level.

11. Do I have to stay in the college all day?

No. Our students have a badge and their own unique entrance. Students can sign in or at out at any point they do not have a lesson. However, the majority of our students arrive by bus and stay with us during the day. We encourage students to use our fabulously resourced Sixth Form Study, when they have a non-contact period

12. What would my typical day look like?

Most students will have four lessons a day out of five. Typically, three of these will be in your A Level subjects but you may also have a tutorial, Progression Module, EPQ or Personal Development session. We do have a form time in the morning. This is not always mandatory, depending on your timetable. When not in lesson, students sometimes study in the Sixth Form Study or might be socialising in the Sixth Form Common Room.

13. Are there any extra-curricular clubs?
Yes. Our Student Leadership Team help to suggest clubs and activities. Currently, there is a provision for netball and football on you 4G pitch. In the past, we have had a chess club and even a war-hammer club!
Students are welcome to stay at college after their lessons and form a study group. If you would like to start a club, please let us know and we will see if it can be done!

14. Do you have a dedicated sixth form canteen?

The Sixth Form students have their own dedicated spaces and toilets. In the Sixth Form Common Room, students have their own canteen, which serves a range of hot and cold foods. Students can also purchase snacks and drinks.

15. What does the application process look like?

All students need to apply for sixth form online. You can find the application at
Following receipt of your application, you will be notified of an interview date. These will take place between December 2020 and February 2021. You will be notified of the outcome of your interview after this
There is a flow chart of the process in the application section of this website

16. I feel I might need extra support… Is sixth form right for me?

Absolutely! We are a fully inclusive sixth form. If your need is to do with a special educational need, we work very closely with the SENCO and can help support you in whatever way you need.
We also have dedicated counsellors available. We know our students well and recognise when they might need support and make this readily available

17. Is there any financial support in the sixth form?

Yes. We believe that individual circumstance should never be a barrier to your learning and we work hard to remove these. We have a sixth form bursary programme, which is means-tested. The programme is tailored to each individual circumstance but applicants often benefit from subsidy of transport costs, meals, educational visits to support their programmes and equipment.

18. How would I get to St Wilfrid’s?

Most of our students arrive by bus and there are many buses that serve the school form across the district and beyond. Details can be found here:
Some of our students walk and others have their own car

19. When I get a car, do you charge for parking?

Many of our students learn to drive whilst in Year 12. We have ample car parking space for students. There is no charge to park your car at St Wilfrid’s. You will need to register your car with the sixth form administration team

20. I have my own laptop. Can I use it on the school network?

Yes, Once you have signed the Bring Your Own Device Policy, you will be able to access the network
All students will get a free Microsoft 365 account, enabling them to access Microsoft software on their devices. This was also give access to Microsoft Teams and gives 100GB of Cloud storage. It can be accessed form home

21. How would I get onto the Student Leadership Team?

Our vibrant Student Leadership Team are able to meet regularly with sixth form leaders and make suggestions on how to improve the experience of young people. They also give a great deal back to the community at St Wilfrid’s. Students apply for their places in on the team and these applications are reviewed by a panel.

22. What resources are there to help me study at St Wilfrid’s?

We have a very well equipped Study Centre, PC computers, laptops, iPads and charging stations on desk. Students will be given a free Microsoft 365 account. The study also has a library of prospectuses, periodicals and journals. The study environment is large and we are fortunate that there is always space to study, either in groups or on you own.


Sixth Form Update – Student Leadership Team

We are delighted to announce our new ‘Student Leadership Team’. There were many strong applications for the positions on the team. The successful candidates were able to highlight the ways in which they can support both students and staff in our community and help the sixth form to continue to thrive. Congratulations go to:

Head Girl – Chloe Kirkbright
Head Boy – Zack Kear
Abigail Clegg
Rhiannon Vignes
Rob Mitchell
Millie Brookes

Sixth Form Application Form Launch and Virtual Open Evening – 12th November

We had an assembly with Year 11 this week to discuss their application to sixth form and the process for this year. COVID -19 is making us act differently but we are pleased to announce that we have a Virtual Open Evening on 12th November and a new way to apply to St Wilfrid’s. The Virtual Open Evening materials will go live on 12th November and will include some key interviews with sixth form staff, subjects, students and the Student Leadership Team. A big part of the evening is the virtual tour and ‘the day in the life’ of our students. Look out for more information on our webpage and social media platforms in the coming weeks. We are excited to be able to showcase how unique the sixth form at St Wilfrid’s is in this way.

Our new online application form is now live and can be accessed via this link:
St Wilfrid’s students will be able to log in using the details sent to them on their email on 19th October. This log in will speed up the process for them, as some of the details will already be filled in and just require checking.

Our students will be working with tutors in the weeks after half term to complete applications, consider options to other providers and ensure that they are thinking about their next steps. Interviews will take place following the receipt of applications and more information can be found on the application website above.

Finally, we have set up a Sixth Form group in Microsoft Teams and will share key information with our young people in this way.