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St Wilfrid’s Catholic High School and VI Form College are engaging in a variety of ‘Respect’ issues in its inaugural ‘RESPECT Week’. In an attempt to educate and raise awareness of Hate Crime; Radicalisation; Positive Identities; Drug awareness; Child Sexual Exploitation; Harmful effects of sexual images on the internet; Cancer awareness and Disability; students attended presentations and workshops dealing with these issues. Partners and external agencies and organisations, such as, West Yorkshire Police; Barnardo’s and the Teenage Cancer Trust gave presentations to students from across the Year Groups. Students then have returned to lessons to deal with a different Respect issue within their subject areas. All the events were designed to promote diversity, teach respect and educate students on how to keep themselves safe, something that can be easily missed from the ordinary curriculum. Staff embraced ‘RESPECT Week’ by turning up for work on Monday morning wearing ‘Respect’ t-shirts. The canteen staff produced a different menu each day from around the world and gave sweets to students who clearly demonstrated a respect for themselves, others and their food. On Thursday 29th September at 6pm at St Wilfrid’s, the local community are invited to attend offering an adult information session from Makin and Dixon Family Solicitors on ‘The Harmful Effects of Domestic Violence’. This session is designed to give adults access to information, where to go for help and be able to identify the signs of domestic violence that could be affecting family members, friends or neighbours. Mrs Marie James, Safeguarding and Senior Pastoral Worker at St Wilfrid’s said: “This week is a perfect opportunity to deal with these many and varied issues that are not often talked about in school or at home. It will give our young people the opportunity to discuss them and raise their awareness of some very serious issues in society”. Mr James Aitchison, Assistant Headteacher said: “Our school operates best when there is mutual respect. I would be very proud if our students were able to show that respect to all people, regardless of their status or background. This is our God-given human responsibility.” St Wilfrid’s hopes to build on the success of the week by engaging in other issues in future ‘Respect’ Weeks. We’d like to thank PE4Sport for providing the T-shirts for this event.



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